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Dupla heating cables

I am setting up a 100 gallon aquarium next week and would like to put in
substrate heating cables.  I was figuring on using the 500s, as they are
rated for a 125 gallon, but wanted to double check that this would be
the best application for my needs.  Also, how many cable anchors do I
need?  Is there an alternative to using Dulpa's?  I am reluctant to
spend the 15 bucks per five that Daleco wants.  Finally, I already have
a Sandpoint temp controller, but need a transformer, which I can get
locally.  What I need to know is how much wattage I should think about
running and how many amps my 24v transformer needs to be to provide that
many watts in a given Dupla cable.  Thanks in advance for any help...

Justin Collins