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Pablo Tepoot. Aquarium Plants, The Practical Guide

>Has anyone read the book "Aquarium Plants, the Practical Guide" by Pablo
>Arizona Aquatic Gardeners is offering this book for $42 US and I was
wondering if it
>was a good book or not.  I searched the archives and the gist was, Good
picture and
>id book, poor text.  Just wandering if anyone since those postings has
read it.

IMO, it's a lot of money for very little value.  If you're a fanatic (like
me<g>) who feels they must own every book ever written about aquarium
plants, then you'll want to add it to your collection.  

If you're looking for serious information on growing plants, you won't find
it here.  The actual English text is shorter than a lot of the better
magazine articles on growing plants.  If you're looking for an ID source,
it's OK, but there are some errors, and you'll get more information for
less money from either the Tropica Catalog, Oriental Aquarium Catalog or
the Dennerle Catalog.  Any of the three are about 1/3rd the cost.

I was also disappointed to see that all the pretty "photos" are actually
computer generated composits, not actual tank set ups.  Even the fish have
been dropped in in some pictures.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association