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Aquatic PLants new member introduction...

hello all!

my name is robert and i just this very hour joined your list.  i have been
involved in various and sundry areas of the pet shop/pond/tropical fish hobby
for about 17 years.  i have no aquarium set up at the moment, but have been
giving serious thought to starting one within the next few months, and, in
order to make myself aware of current news in the hobby i thought i would join
this list.  i look forward to learning from all of you!

i got the most recent digest version of the list from a friend and a question
about algae brought back a vexing memory from the past.  i used to work for a
plant nursery that also sold aquarium plants...we had five 200 gallon tanks
set up as display and sales tanks...in one tank that we sold plants out of i
would often get growths of a very dark green-blue agae that was extremely
strong and wiry in texture.  after pulling some out of the tank one day i
threw it in the compost heap and after sitting in the sun for a day it turned
a very vivid hot purple color!  no one could ever tell me what it was...anyone
here got ideas?

thanks..and im darn glad to be here!  robert