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took 2 years, but I did it

Hi Listers,
I susbscribed to this list and lurked for two years with an occasional post
(plea) for help. I can count on three fingers the number of replies, so I
guess I just couldn't entice the experts.
After starts and restarts I had tanks go anerobic to slime algae covered. I've
killed tanks of fish and a few plants. Some were natural disasters, other were
my remedies that killed the fish and/or plants. 
I had switched to Flourite when it came out and use 100% as the substrate.
Tank worsened. It seemed every improvement caused a worsened condition in the
tank. I was truely frustrated but I didn't give up. I threw more money at it.
("money will fix anything", my boss told me before he died) I added new
lights, bulbs, electronic ballasts and timers. Bottled co2 with fancy needle
valve. Every improvement caused a worsening condition. If I added fertilizer I
had slime algae blanket the tank like a tent. I searched the state for SAE's
and found them. They jumped out of the tank. I tried different balances of
plants and fish load. Same or worse.
A month ago I did some remodeling/designing of the aquascape. I added a
cansiter filter to clear the mess. I left the filter in place.
The plants started to grow and the algae went bye-bye.
It was poor circulation all along.

Bruce in NJ