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Re: Hydra

>Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 18:32:09 -0500
>From: Sarah Maline <maline at maine_maine.edu>
>Subject: hydra attack!
>Hi all.  I started a 55 gallon Dutch-style plant aquarium in September. 
>Everything is growing very well, HOWEVER, I also seem to have a very
>nice crop of hydra as well.  (I'm talking daphnia Hell!)
>All I can find for remedies are:  Potassium Permanganate; raise the temp
>to 104 for one hour, and other seemingly harmful methods.  I'm presently
>trying out a suggested remedy of using gouramis (they're ignoring the
>hydra even though I'm not feeding them anything).  
>I'm very hesitant to use anything harsh for obvious reasons.  My Anubias
>barteri and Madagascar Lace are thriving beautifully right now.  Also in
>tank are:  Rotala sp., Aponegeton crispus, Hygrophila sp., Ludwigia
>repens, Nymphoides aquatica, Aponogeton ulvaceus, Salvinia, Myriophyllum
>aquaticum, and Utricularia sp..  I am planning to add Bacopa (red) sp.,
>Cabomba sp., and Vesicularia dubyana.  
>Has anyone out there ever experienced a safe cure for hydra???
>Thanks in advance for your help!!!

A product called 'Dactycid' manufactured in the Netherlands is very
effective in killing hydra and is very safe to use.  Another product called
Flubenol (flubendazole) was also very effective against hydra used at 1-2
mg/L.  I have used both chemicals with fry only 10 days old, without any
problems. After 5-7 days, following chemical treatment, do a 50% waterchange.

Panacur (fenbendazole) a similar chemical, has also been reported as an
effective control for hydra used at 2 mg/L. I haven't used this chemical but
Bob Goldstein has an article on this chemical somewhere on the net? Do a
search on Panacur?. 

These chemicals will also kill snails and planaria.


                                                       Adrian R. Tappin
		    "Home of the Rainbowfish"