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: green water hell

>I feel like I have tried everything to no avail.  Since I
>returned from vacation, I have had green water in this
>tank (40gal, 1.5 yrs running) for 5 weeks.  My
>Glossostigma is getting etiolated (gangly) and thin. 
>I'm afraid to darken for another week due to its bad
>effect on that plant in particular.  The other plants look
>good, though not great, in the case of Eusteralis.  High
>light plants are suffering.
>Is this intractable?  Any further suggestions?
>Roxanne Bittman
I tried the following as suggested by different people on the list and it
worked. My 160 gal tank was plagued by green water for two months. I did a
50% water change daily for 10 days (difficult if you don't use water
straight from tap) and added polyester batting (from Craft Supplies) to my
internal Eheim sponge filter. My tank have since been crystal clear (a
month now). 

I had another 25gal tank also with green water. Used polyester batting
without changing water daily end it's also clear now though It took a while

Try it.

Kenny Song
Penang, Malaysia 
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