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Re: Other critters for tanks

I think freshwater shrimp are great additions to a tank, be it
plant or fish only. My only problem is I'm still not sure what shrimp
I have. The Ghost Shrimp I know but here are the other two:

2 little shrimps bought simply as "Algae Eater Shrimp" from local
PETsMART. They are the same size as the Ghost, only their
bodies aren't much of a color so much as not being as
"see-throughable" as the Ghost. They have a goldish line down
the middle of their backs, black dots sprinkled on their bodies,
and black eyes.  Doing great and eating BBA in a 2.5 gallon plant
tank with 2 wild type tetras, 2 White Clouds, and 4 Ghost Shrimp.
(Price: $2.99 each)

4 shrimps bought as "Singapore Shrimp" (also from PETsMART)
and seen as "Wood Shrimp" at the local Meijer's. These are
roughly 2 inches and have mainly flesh-colored bodies with striping.
Doing great and eating mostly fish food in a 15 gallon River Tank
with spotted floating frogs.
(Price: $5.49 each)

I keep hearing about Amano's shrimp. Would someone mind 
detailing exactly what they look like?

Thanks :)
Shawna in snowy Michigan, 
weighing the pros and cons of overpriced invertebrates