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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #713

>Sungmin Hong claimed that LaMotte Nitrate and Iron Test Kits would cost him
>$210.70 + Tax. I don't know where he lives, but I know that whenever I have
>seen LaMotte kits available for sale in fish stores in the Toronto area,
>they have been pricey as well. But there is a really easy solution - go mail
>order! I know how important to support local retailers, and I do whenever I
>can, but I am realistic enough to take advantage of the prices offered by
>most of the mail order companies that sell aquarium supplies. My current
>copy of "That Fish Place" lists the LaMotte Nitrate kit at $41.99 and the
>Iron kit is $49.00. This is less than HALF of what he is claiming that it
>would cost him. Postage and handling is not going to add much to the cost of
>the order.

Greatly appriciate for your advice, James.
I live in South Korea.
I sent a mail to Lamotte company, and I could contact the Korean distributor of Lamotte product.
But, he suggeste me that price.
I think 40 to $50 is reasonable enough, but not $$$230(209+202+TAX).
Anyway I'm wondering if i could mailorder here, and if so... Do you think it would be cheaper than korean distributor?
Thanks again and Merry Christmas to everyone.