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Cloudy water from yeast CO2

Hi all,
      I tried the yeast CO2 experiment for the first time and a couple
weeks later realized the problem of the white "hair" build-up(after you all
were talking about it on here). I promptly unhooked it and waited a couple
days for the ottos to clean it up. they didn't ge it all so I wiped wiped
down the sides of the tank and did a big water change(>50%) plus vacuumed
the gravel a bit. I threw out one plant (anubias sp?) that had shriveled up
into a pile of slop - anyone else seen the effects of yeast on plants? 

Anyway, my water is still cloudy after about a week...any suggestions? I
was thinking about another water change. What have you all done(those who
had the same problem w/yeast CO2) as a clean-up for your tank? Thanks.
Ryan Ingram