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Re: Moving from Yeast CO2 to Bottled CO2

I have two tanks that uses CO2 but I used two CO2 bottles.

Anyway, I've toyed with the idea of using a single CO2 bottle.
The idea is to use a single regulator to supply the CO2 to
multiple needle valves (one for each tank).  The regulator
distributes the CO2 in relatively low pressure and the needle
valves fine tune the amount of CO2 into each tank.

You will need multiple needle valves because otherwise the
tank that requires the lowest pressure to deliver will get
most of the gas, making the CO2 distribution uneven.

I've never used a high pressure system (i.e. Eheim or ADA),
but I suspect they are more prone to CO2 leak for multiple
tanks because of the pressure and the numbers of connections

Louis Lin