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Red Eye Tetra in the DARK...

A week ago, I bought 10 Red Eye Tetras to complement the existing 10
Black Neons and 30 Neon Tetras.

The next morning, I discovered that all shoots of my Glossostigma and
Micranthemum micranthemoides were ripped off.

I bought the Red Eyes along with 2 Puffers. I then quickly transferred
the 2 Puffers into a separate tank.

However, those plants listed above became the constant favorite of
*somebody* in the tank...

These attacks on the plants have never happened before. Though I
suspected the Red Eyes, I have never witnessed them doing it. Surely
they started their routines when the lights goes off.

And it's virtually impossible to catch them in my 700 litres of jungle

Please advise soonest.

BTW, other inhabitants: 7 SAEs

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in the government..... I am sorry for the Malaysians !"
- Anwar Ibrahim