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Re: Moving from Yeast CO2 to Bottled CO2

On Fri, 11 Dec 1998, James Purchase wrote:

> I'm considering switching over to bottled CO2, and would like to know how
> people with multiple tanks handle this. Do you have multiple CO2 cylinders,
> each with a regulator, or can I get one 20 lb. CO2 bottle, use a single
> regulator and then bleed the CO2 gas into multiple tanks?

I do both.  In the case where the aquaria are relatively close, I can use
the same tank and regulator, splitting the flow off into multiple needle
valves, each of which in turn go to a different tank.  I have an
arrangement of brass T-s ("manifold") used to do this with the NO-1 valve.
It is important to split them off before the needle valve because
otherwise all the bubbles will just "shunt" to the aquarium with the
lowest backpressure (trust me, I tried this once).

I was mulling over how I'd do this with what Dave is calling the "high
pressure" systems (which aren't, really... they're the same pressure as
applied to the needle valve, they just replace the needle valve as extreme
flow regulator), and I think what I'd probably try is just hooking all the
diffusers together post-regulator and hope they provide similar levels in
each tank.

When I first started out, I actually ran vinyl CO2 lines to different
rooms to feed my other tanks, but I was pretty desparate then.
Nowadays, for tanks which I keep on far apart, I just have a different
cylinder and regulator.  All in all, I have three now.

> I _assume_ (and please correct me here if I'm wrong) that a brass gang valve
> (such as the ones used for regular airline tubing) is not precise enough or
> leakproof enough for CO2. Am I wrong here, or would this work???

Yes, this is what I found.  Just as standard brass valves work badly in
place of a needle valve, a group of them work even more badly trying to do
this for multiple tanks.  I needed to construct my own "needle gang
valve". :)

Hopes this helps.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com