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Fw: New Tetra Listserv!

In case anyone is interested...
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From: Glenn Hudspeth <GHudspeth at csi_com>
To: apisto at majordomo_pobox.com <apisto at majordomo_pobox.com>
Date: Friday, December 11, 1998 1:01 PM
Subject: New Tetra Listserv!

>Hi all,
> In response to your interest in participating in a tetra list, I created
>one and would like to invite you to join, which you can do by pointing your
>browser to the following URL:
>You can also check out the list's companion home page, where you will also
>find links to subscribe and view archives:
> About me, the list moderator: I've been keeping freshwater fish for more
>than a decade. I have 20 tanks and a hatchery in the basement. My current
>interests are cichlids (I keep many varieties), heavily-planted communities
>(hence tetras), and breeding bettas. I look forward to much interesting
>discussion on the new tetra list!
>Glenn Hudspeth
>GTA -- KU Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
>Lawrence, KS
>ghudspeth at csi_com
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