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solenoid valve

Just FYI, I bought a soleniod valve from Teco Pneumatic in Pleasanton,
CA (925-426-8500) for CO2 control.  The engineer I spoke to (Larry)
suggested an Allenair 2CD8B-C-12DC.  This is a 2-way, normally closed
valve with 1/8" NPT ports.  This was a 12 VDC model but was available
in many other voltages too.  Cost was about $35 and I picked it up the
same day.  I mentioned the Humphrey 310 that had been mentioned in
other solenoid messages here.  They had it for only $22.  The
engineers suggestion to not go with the Humphrey was that the seal
material would be degraded by long term exposure to CO2.  He said it
may not really be a concern at the pressures and flow rates used here,

Jay Dike
Livermore, CA

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