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Re: dangers of a pressurized gas cylinder?


Karen writes:

> The only other is that the tank must be kept in an upright position when
>  use.  This seems obvious to me, but I was horrified to do into a Dr's
>  recently and see a 20 lb tank sitting sideways underneath the stand
>  "because it doesn't fit standing up".  I would have thought they'd teach
>  them something about the dangers of pressurized gas in med school - I
>  vet schools cover it.

Excuse me, but I worked with pressurized gas cylinders for 12 years in the
military.  They pounded every safety rule there ever was into our head from
"duck when the enemy is firing" to "keep your thumb out from under a moving
hammer".  They never mentioned to the best of my knowledge any danger
associated with horizontal storage except the possibility of it launching
itself when you break the valve off.  If it is stored safely in the tank
cabinet, what is the likelyhood of that?  Is there some other problem you
refering to?

Bob Dixon
I had also heard the warning about leaving gas cylinders on their side. I
have my co2 tanks refilled by the company that supply's all of the hospitals
in the area. I asked their resident guru about this problem. Seems that the
"on it's side rule" refers to liquefied gas, as the liquid could cover the
safety valve. It does not refer to pressurized gas.
Ric Cooney, N3BRB
rcooney at bcpl_net
Aquatic Gardeners Association
Baltimore, MD