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How's your Liaeopsis?

I think my tank is in good condition.
My plants start bubbling within 1.5 hours afeter light-on.
Glossostigama, riccia, cryptocorine.. are in good condition, but my Lilaeopsis is jusk O.K.(not good)
Does anyone have any experience with bubbling Lilaeopsis, or is this originally non-bubbling plant?
Someone said this plant grows well in hard water(especially high KH), then how high?
In the middle-part of the bunch(older leaves), the Lilaeopsis has a bit green-healthier color, but new sprouts and individualy planted parts have dark leaves.(It's not melting, but similar in color)
Is it Ca deficiency?
I put some MgSO4, and raise GH from 4.5 to 6.
How' your Lilaeopsis?