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Re: dangers of a pressurized gas cylinder?

Frank sez:
> If your bottle is not vertical you run the risk of forcing liquid CO2 into 
> the regulator.
>  All of the above applies equally to pressurized oxygen and acetylene as
>  btw, though the equilibrium pressure is different for each.

Your statement about liquid CO2 is true at normal roon temperatures.  It is
certainly not good to have liquid CO2 in the regulator, but at the flow rates
we are using, it may not be *that* bad unless it can attack the diaphram.  I
won't argue either way on this point.  I personally would only use a CO2 tank
in the upright position.

I don't remember the triple point for oxygen, but at normal temperatures, all
the O2 in the tank is a gas and it doesn't matter if the tank is upright,
sideways, or upside-down.  Acetylene is stored under high pressure disolved in
acetone.  If you use an acetylene tank on its side, you will get acetone in
your regulator and hose; and it's also bad for the tank.  That's also why you
have to limit the flow rate from an acetylene tank to 1/7 the capacity of the
tank (I don't remember the exact details here) so you don't force acetone out
of the tank.  You can store an acetylene tank on its side, but then you have
to let it rest for a half hour before using it once you tip it upright.

best regards,