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Fw: automatic water changer

Over the last few months I have been using a DIY waterchanger in a 90 gallon
tank. I have it set to add one drop of of water/second. My water is
chorinated at the level of about 9 ppm and I did not feel this would cause
any significant harm to the fish.  Unfortunately, for some reason without my
noticing the flow rate has been slowly increasing to a level of about 6 or 7
times that rate and as a result the SAEs in my tank have died but the plants
have increased pearling.
My questions are:
Was the 1 drop/second rate actually harmful to my fish even though I have a
pair of kribensis that hatched and raised fry in this tank.
What is the fresh water supplying to my tank that PMDD is not? The only
significant ions in my tap water are 30 ppm calcium and 9 ppm magnesium.
Nitrates and phosphates are basically 0 in the tank. Is 30 ppm calcium high
enough to grow plants as my PMDD does not contain any and I was relying on
the tap water to provide it?

Wayne Jones