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lighting new 60 gallon tank?

Hi all,
I am still 'collecting' info and equipment for my 1st plant tank.

Tank: 48x18x18 inches.

I got a 500g pack of duplarit g its suposed to be for 200 litres of water.
Seems to be very little. Cost me a whopping 30 dollars AU = 17 US, I find
this ludecrous for 500 gms of dirt.
Anyway the funny thing is that it isn't even authentic, it's from Far noth
Queensland Australia.

I am also planning on using seachem flourish - is this necacery, do I use
the normal dosage or do I reduce the dosage because of the duplarit.

Would 50kg = 100 pounds? of gravel be sufficient for this tank? (white
medium size quartz)

I am unsure about lighting, originaly I was going to use 4x 4foot fluros.
Now i am leaning towards MH. Reason is the tank hood is not closed but it
is just a skirting.

I like the idea of open top with plants growing out of the water eg.

What wattage MH light would I need and how high above the water should it
be ( i guess what seams to ilumintae the tank evenly.) maybe 45cm?

A local aquarium store recomends a 70 watt MH - I believe this to be far to
little it would only give 1 watt p galllon. Surely something of the order
of 125 - 175 is correct.
Colour spectrum idealy is 5000 - 6500 k ???

Please give me some advice soon!!!!
this is very important to me.
Daniel Green

bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.net.au