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10 gal. plant setup

If someone could be of some help, it would be greatly appreciated. I have a
10 gal. tank(using for a couple baby kribs) that has 2 anubias, java moss
and an amazon sword. I would like to know how much in the way of filtration
is enough to get decent plants growth. The pH and hardness are pretty
close(6.5, 30ppm) and there is 1 20W Floraglo. I have a bubble filter in
the corner for oxygen supplement and fertilizer pellets are in the
substrate. I also used the homemade CO2 bubbler, but was having the same
problems everyone else was so I disconnected it. Am I doing the right
things here? Should I run the "outside-hanging" filter at all, and is there
anything else such as fertilizers, etc. that would improve chances of
success? Thank you.
Ryan Ingram