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New 55 gallon

I have an opportunity to have the tank of my dreams -- a planted 55 gallon
tank.  Currently I have a planted 29 gallon, with plants in pots, except for
the ones like water sprite that cant die, which are in gravel substrate with
fertilizer tablets.  I also use liquid fertilizers.  In contemplating setting
up the new tank, I have had the hardest time deciding on filtration and
substrate.  The tank is coming with 2 power filters and an undergravel filter
with powerheads.  My 29 gallon tank has an Eclipse with two bulbs.  What I
don't like about not having an ug filter is the amount of cleaning crap off
the bottom that I have to do -- that's fish waste, dead leaves, and so forth.
I'm thinking a ug filter would process the waste better.  Will it really chew
up plant roots, rob plants of nutrients, get clogged with sand or clay?  As
for substrate, I'm trying to do this cheaply.  I have no problem with getting
the big box of Dupla laterite, but I would prefer a cheaper method, like red
pottery clay.  Does that work?  Also, my lfs only sell coarser gravel than
I've seen in most planted tanks.  Will coarse sand from the hardware store

Thanks in advance.  Holly