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Re: "Carbo-plus" CO2 System


This is a different arrangement and you will have to see it to believe it. 
The manufacturer says , ""Carbo-plus" is the electrolytic reaction between 
the carbon and the water -- breaking down the water into hydrogen and
oxygen.  Then, the carbon from the unit is combined with oxygen to create
carbon dioxide which is utilized by the plants for superb growth".  

It is not just ordinary electrodes; CO2 is definitely produced as the pH is
lowered and the plants are easily seen giving off oxygen when it is on with
the lights.  It also reduces the carbonate hardness of the water by
depositing the calcium carbonate on the inside of the reactor (easily
seen).  This does not happen when the unit is turned off.  "Seeing is

It must be a different arrangement than what you are thinking!  The German
hobbyists would never let them get away with an item like this that doesn't
work.  The German Societies would "blackball" this reliable company!


> >It doesn't use gas!  CO2 is produced electronically with a carbon block
> >reaction.  No CO2 reactor is needed as the CO2 comes off the block in a
> >"smoke" in the water that is absorbed before it reaches the surface.  

	To put it mildly, this sounds dubious.
> The
> Aquarium Products sales guy in the booth said that the unit works through
> electrolysis, with water being split into O and H. The O reacts with the
> carbon molecules in the block and voila. 

	You can electrolyse water quite well using carbon electrodes,
but the products will be H2 and O2.