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Re: CO2 Electrolysis


The "Carbo-plus" unit is different than the Nisso 900 (which is no longer
sold here or elsewhere because they copied incorrectly from the German
unit.)  This unit has no effect on fish (I have 12 SAE's) in my aquarium
and the unit produces .29 grams of CO2 per hour.
With the "Carbo-plus", you can definitely see a change in pH and oxygen
being given off by the plants.  My carbon block lasted from May though
October.  This is a fine piece of equipment that is guaranteed by the
manufacturer to do as it says -- and it does.

I would like to see your unit in order to compare it and see where the
Japanese fouled up, but I don't want to buy what I have already been told
was "copied incorrectly".  Send it to me and I'll send it back to you.


Incidentally, I think that m3 is out of business also.

Roxanne Bittman wrote:

I have some experience with the CO2 electrolysis
method of generating CO2.  I have used the Nisso 900
model that was available thru m3.

The design sounds exactly like what Bob described.   I
have a rather negative report about it though.  Yes, it
produced some CO2 in very fine bubbles, like
"smoke."  It was pretty easy to set up and the carbon
block lasted 2-3 months on my 20g tank.  I had to turn
it on full blast to get significant CO2 generation
though; and at full throttle, it created about 9ppm in the
tank -- a little low for my taste.

Also, whenever I changed the carbon block, the new
one gave off something the SAEs hated.  Sometimes
they jumped out of the tank!  Sometimes a few just
died overnight.  The ghost shrimp, if any, also died.   I
started turning it off at night (ok, I run all my CO2
things all night with no problem usually).  This only
helped a little.  I have no idea what harmed the fish
and shrimp since the unit is supposed to only put out
CO2, H, O,???

Since I couldn't figure it out and hated losing the
animals so frequently, I gave up on it.  It's now in the
closet.  I replaced it with a CO2 gas cylinder,
regulator, needle valve, ADA scintered diffuser, etc.

If anyone wants the Nisso 900, it is for sale for a lot
less than I paid for it.  Email me privately if you are