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Re: "Carbo-plus" CO2 System

>This is a different arrangement and you will have to see it to believe it.
>The manufacturer says , ""Carbo-plus" is the electrolytic reaction between
>the carbon and the water -- breaking down the water into hydrogen and
>oxygen.  Then, the carbon from the unit is combined with oxygen to create
>carbon dioxide which is utilized by the plants for superb growth".

>It is not just ordinary electrodes; CO2 is definitely produced as the pH is
>lowered and the plants are easily seen giving off oxygen when it is on with
>the lights.  It also reduces the carbonate hardness of the water by
>depositing the calcium carbonate on the inside of the reactor (easily
>seen).  This does not happen when the unit is turned off.  "Seeing is

>It must be a different arrangement than what you are thinking!  The German
>hobbyists would never let them get away with an item like this that doesn't
>work.  The German Societies would "blackball" this reliable company!


I have to take issue with any product that is used to lower the PH. From my
experience, it has never been good to lower the ph by dosing CO2. 1 because
if either the power runs out or if yourun out of Carbon as in this product
you will have massive stress on your fish. Running CO2 without discretion
can easily lower the PH my more than a full point.

When I was testing out my CO2 system, turning it on high lowered the PH of
my hard Santa Barbara tap water from 8.1 to 6.2 Obviously, I ran it a much
lower level and the PH was much closer to 8. Also, it doesn't reduce the
hardness of the water. The reason is that the deposits are from the water
that has been electrolosized (this is probably not a real word but it fits
:-) )

In essence, it's like removing the carbonates out of water that evaporated.
It only will keep the carbonates at a steady level.

Also just my personal view is that I wouln't want to expose my fish near
electrolosis or at least run some kind of grounding probe like on Reef and
Salt water tanks.

Just my thoughts,