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Nympheae: Pixie lilies

Hello All:

I just aquired a so-called pixie lily. I can't recall the species, 
but somebody mentioned it yesterday. What sort of conditions does it 
require? I've got it planted in a bed of filter sand over soil & 
vermiculite mix. I've buried about a third of the tuber in the sand, 
with the rest obove the sand. Temp is 26C and pH 7.5. Lighting is 3.6 
watts per gallon Osram Biolux daylight, 6500K I think. Can't give you 
hardness or nitrates, but fish load is low, CO2 is supplemented with 
a yeast reactor and I fertilise after water changes with MgSO4 & 
K2SO4 ala Pushak. Phoshate is probably highish because the Lemna is 
growing like crazy and needs to be scooped off once a week. Tank 
just had a prune as well. Removed about half the vegetation, and it 
still looks full. 


Jacques Gerber
Botany Department
Rhodes University
South Africa

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