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>60 ppm NO4 (!)

>fish: 4 discus (2 large, one juvenile, one baby), two 5" clown botia, 3 >Ottos, 2 
>zebra danios, 3 rams, two large but very well-behaved snails (one >apple, one 

>food: 2-3 frozen gumdrops twice per day (4-6 total per day), plus a >pinch of flakes

Seems like allot of food, but Discus _are_ big eaters.

As a result you may have more phosphate than you really want also.
Try increasing the water changes, or there are a few products on the
market that can reduce nitrates, one is called something like
Bacterblend.  It works.  There are also products to reduce phosphate,
but they can run into money. 

Ed Hengel