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Aquarium Plant Book

I've just finished going thru the new Aquarium Plant book by Pablo Tepoot
and have more questions.

That "age old" question of the difference between the Micranthemum and
Hemianthus genus is displayed in this book. If Mr.Tepoot states that
Hemianthus Micranthemoides is one genus,and Micrathemum Umbrosum is
another,then which place does Micranthemum Micranthemoides go into? Does
that mean that a Hemianthus genus is separate and different genus from a
Why are these two genus names always so interchangable?

On another part,he felt that readers shouldn't consider using the plants in
his "Bog Plants" segment for aquariums because,i quote, "..with so many
beautiful true aquarium plants to choose from,why would anyone want to put
any of these in a tank"..unquote.
He also defines one segment where Bog Plants, when submerged will die.

That's fine and accurate but when one of the "bog plants" mentioned was
Marsilea Crenata (four leaved clover?) i find that a little inaccurate on
his part,not because it is not a bog plant,but because a submersed Crenata
changes it's leaf shape and looks very much like Glossostigma! But the fact
that it CAN LIVE underwater! Mine did and propagated thru runners!
In his preface he mentions that the section of "non-aquarium plants" are a
"what to avoid" list of plants. If so,i think there may be some
inaccuracies in recommending that plants like Marsilea Crenata is a plant
to be "avoided" in an aquarium!

He also goes to show Riccia (fine leafed) and Riccia Fluitans. Now is this
Riccia (fine leafed) a Riccia Rhenana? Or a variety of R.Fluitans?

Has anybody else read this book? Any comments?