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levels in tank


I have been reading alot about co2 fertilization and would like to put
my $0.02 in.

I just took measurments in my tank and this is the results:

nitrate: around 140; PH:  6.7;  nitrite: .1;  amonia:  0;  KH:  7.  From
the charts I have my co2 levels is borderline on the dangerously high
side (28.0)  I use a 20-20-20 fertilizer about every 60-90 days when I
add water (from evaporation)  seemingly my o2 levels are ok.   These
reults just tell me that it's time for a partial water change (actually
time to add water again as I have a wet/dry filter)

Unless i'm overlooking something here is it safe to presume that there
is no need to put co2 fertilization in my tank?  Seems to me that if I
did that then the fish would die off.

Would like to hear other ppl's input on this one please.