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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #512

At 03:48 PM 9/13/98 -0400,  Neil Frank asked:
>I have a small current in all of the tanks on one iron rack. 
>Your expert advice is appreciated. Has anyone else experienced this?

Well, Neil, I am a tinker, not a techie where electricity is concerned, but

1.   An ammeter is a very low resistance device.  So if you only draw uAs,
the voltage drop must be VERY small.   Can you measure it???  See if you
can get a VTVM with a uV scale.

2.  I have had some pretty weird results with electronic ballasts.   First
of all, the one I got from Grainger (Advance Transformer) runs very cool,
especially for a 4 tube ballast, but it trips GFIs and creates a bunch of
TV interference.  The first problem appears insoluble, the second I am
trying to work but Advance has not been very cooperative so far.

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