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Re: DIY co2

> Brunner at aecom_yu.eduiBrunner at aecom_yu.edu writes:
> Can someone tell me PRACTICALLY how to make a DIY co2 system. Right
> now I
> add 2 cups of sugar and a 1/4 cup of yeast to a 2 liter bottle which
> is
> hooked up to the intake of my Eheim filter anf the bubbles last about
> 4-5
> days!! Whats wrong?? Also, How many 2 liter bottles do I need for a
> heavily planted 150 gln discus show tank??
> Bobby
> Brunner at aecom_yu.edu

Bobby -

That's WAAAY too much yeast!  Try 1/4 TEASPOON!

If you start out with warm water, you should have bubbles within an
hour, and the bottle should last 2-3 weeks.  With as much yeast as
you're adding, it's no wonder that the sugar is getting used up so
quickly, and/or the alcohol content is rising to the 'kill' point so

 - Anthony