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cichlid help???

I have heard some people talking about this group of fish before, and i
wondering if someone could help. I have a planted aqaurium with some 
different plants, water wisteria, a crypt. , java moss, etc. I was FINALLY 
able to purchase a cichlid (correct spelling?) They were never available in this
area before. I can't find any info about it, where it's from water preferences,
and whether or not it will eat my plants. It was sold as a bumblebee cichlid and
it, at times is yellow with dark vertical stripes along its body and fins. Then
other times it is completely yellow, I guess it depends upon it's mood. Anyway,
I have heard about cichlids plant eating behaviour, but so far it hasn't eaten
any plants. It is about 2 inches long. Does anyone know anything about it??
for example..
how big it will get?, breeding them, differences in appearance of females
and males.
Any help would be great. This is my first cichlid. 
thanks a bunch,

P.S> I noticed some interesting behaviour today. It appears to be cleaning a
spot in my
tank. It has completely removed all of the rocks from the peat moss blocks
in there for the plants, I
even watched him as he picked up the gravel with it's mouth and moved it. It
seems to have claimed this spot, It
drives away other fish. Oh well....