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Corys & Plecos Fried

I keep a small 10gal tank for my shy Hypancistrus Zebra, Corydoras Habrosus,
Corydoras Pandas & Peckoltia Vittata (very disciplined with water changes).
They've been much happier there for the last two years, than they were in my
large 120gal Planted Tank (actually still maintaina huge Panda population in
the big tank).  Unfortunately, the 20W heater (too big) locked up two weeks
ago and sent the temp to 33degC for an estimated 18 hrs, tad more than the
normal 25degC. Lowered Temp to 30degC immediately (cold water) and lowered
back to 25degC over course of 4 hrs.  Everything looked fine, except the
Zebras no longer hid under plants & wood.  However, in last week, I have
lost both Zebras, 1 of 2 Clowns, 2 of 4 Pandas and 1 of 4 Habrosus.
Expensive mistake. A real heartbreaker. Don't rely on cheap heaters.
Peter O'Dwyer jnr
odwyerpw at bluecorp_com