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Fringed Java Fern ID

Date: Wed, 26 Aug 98 13:54:22 EDT
From: tayers at bridge_com
Subject: Fringed Java Fern ID

tayers at bridge_com wrote:
>I just bought a little Java Fern plant that looks very similar to my
>other 'normal' Java Ferns, but this new one has leaves that split into
>many branches so the end of the leaves look like Hygrophila
>difformis. Can anyone tell me if this is a subspecies or variety or
>mutation of Microsorium pteropus or another species? Thanks a lot.

There are three varieties of Java Fern.
  .  There's the normal(Microsorum pteropus) one we all know, without any
  .  Microsorum pteropus 'Tropica' that plant can only be propagated by
dividing the creeping rhizome (formation of sporangia has not yet been
observed on this fern)
  .  And the one you have...Microsorum pteropus 'WindelÝv'... which I think
is the most attractive of the three. "The plant is a protected variety
which means it can't be grown comercially without a prior accept from
Tropica Aquarium Plants. Microsorum 'WindelÝv' is one of the most beautiful
aquatic ferns and we grow it on lava and roots as well as in pots. On lava
and roots you will find it one of the        most decorative solitary
plants in the aquarium." (From Tropica web site)

I paid an arm and a leg to get samples of "Windelev."  Tropica has a
patent.  We (you and I as hobbiests) can grow it, but the stores we got it
from maybe shouldn't have sold it.

Specifically:   'Variety protection' - a patent for plants  An application
for 'variety protection' has been accepted by the relevant authorities.
'Variety                                      protection' may be likened to
a patent for plants, the effect of which is to restrict commercial
production to licence holders. This restriction does not apply to ordinary
aquarists who are naturally welcome to propagate these plants!  

Go to  http://www.tropica.com/plants.htm  for great picture and notes on
all 3 varieties.

Also see http://www.tropica.com/lava1.htm  and  http://www.tropica.com/mic1.htm