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Excessive internode length

Hello, I hope all is well with you all!  I am writing tonight to inquire
about why my plants are having excessive internode length.  In my pond my
Myrophillium is twice as big around and internode length is very short 1-2
mm.  In my 125 it is VERY long around 15-20 mm, causing some rather
unsightly plants.  I have just started changing to Tri-Chromatic bulbs. 
Was using two bath & kitchen, two Soft white and two Vita twists.  All are
40 watts.  I have recently switched three out of the six to the
Tri-Chromatics.  Growth has improved and algea is abatting, however I am
concerned with this recent and unsightly internode length.  Who has any
ideas?  Thanks in advance.	

Brad & Kim
ivoryboxers at willmar_com
"Eighty percent of success is showing up."--Woody Allen