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Re: Canister filters

Hoa wrote: <snip>

> I have to admit that the Fluval does not handle gas bubbles well though,
> and so is not a good choice as a CO2 reactor.  With CO2 coming in too fast,
> it can stall.

I've been using my Fluvals as CO2 reactor's for quite some time. There's
a fix for the vapor locking, but it's rather high tech and complicated.
So, pay close attention. Place a small rock or piece of wood _UNDER_ the
filter on the exhaust outlet side. This makes the exhaust port the
highest point, allowing part of the gas bubble to bleed off before
becoming large enough to cause the filter to lose prime.

The old shut off valves were a pain, but the new ones are fine. I also
use hose clamps on _ALL_ hose fittings.

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl.