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Echinodorus tennellus plugs

I had a sizeable population of tiny E. tennellus plantlets which I wanted to
transplant into my larger show tank.
Instead of planting the plants directly in the substrate and struggling with
the runners and the lack of sufficient roots, I came up with the following
idea for a "plant plug":
I cut a few 8" x 1" pieces of filter floss,moistened it and put quite a few
plants along the long edge. The roots were on the floss, the leaves were
sticking out over the edge. Then, I simply rolled the whole thing up, making
sure that the roots stayed put in the floss. To give the plants a little
boost,  I added 1/5 of a Jobe Palm and Fern stick into the bottom centre of
the plant plug.
I ended up with five of these plugs which went into the substrate without a
problem. Even the floss is next to invisible.
The whole arrangement looks similar to one of the pictures in the TOA, where
they show the initial planting of their 10,000 l tank.

Michael Eckardt
"Whatever you do or dream you can do -- begin it.
Boldness has genius and power and magic in it."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe