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Re: Optimum Tank/Goals

Coming out of lurking mode, my responses to Karen's questions re goals:

1. To have an optimum tank - this one is diffiult since the meaning of 
"optimum" keeps changing as I work with my tank. Some parts of that don't 
change (attractiveness, ease of maintenance - which allows a couple of 
hours a week for the tasks) but that need not be overly helpful since 
what constitutes "attractive" or "easy to maintain" can change over time;

2. To understand the processes involved in what I'm doing, so I get to 
learn a little biological science here and there;

3. To foster my illusion of being in control (which includes having 
somewhere to tinker endlessly) - this is good when I can congratulate 
myself because the tank is going the way I want, but bad when I beat 
myself up when it isn't because I end up taking that as a sign of 
personal defeat. I learn a lot from this process too;

4. To gain some enjoyment, and the compliments on a nice looking tank 
aren't all that bad either.

Unfortunately I don't have a tank at all for a couple of months. I had to 
strip it down and move it out to have carpets lifted and floors polished, 
and now we're waiting for the painter to paint walls and ceilings before 
I can set up again. This brings up another joy - fantasising about setup 
and what I can do since I get a chance to start again from scratch, or 
actually better than scratch since I have more experience now than I had 
the last time I set up a tank. I also get to hope that i've learnt from 
all my mistakes.

David Aiken