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Re: Optimum

1.  To please myself with aesthetically "natural" beautiful arrangements
using "driftwood", appropriate rocks and heavily planted -- as I have never
seen in nature, but as I would like it to be.  (Amano style, Tropica style
and George Booth style -- hoping that George doesn't mind his name being
included in this grouping :>)!) 
2.  To grow every possible plant available so that I can be proud to show
it to visitors and show what simple system is used with the same lighting
and fertilization for all.
3.  To limit my aquarium management to an average of 15 minutes daily and
maybe a relaxing maintenance of an hour on the week-end.
4.  To be able to talk intelligently about how to do this and prove that it
can be done by anyone interested in putting in this little amount of time
for a gorgeous hobby of keeping lots of beautiful fish and plants in this
5.  To encourage others that this is not difficult and that the hobby
offers so much variety, i.e. if you want to be a "plumber", you can play
with lots of piping; if you want to be a "chemist", there are test kits and
chemicals available; if you want to be a "breeder", you can raise and breed
fish with plants; if you want something simple, you might follow what I am
doing; and if you want to scare people away, open George's cabinet doors

Having fun!
Merrill Cohen