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Re: CO2 Manifold...

At 3:48 -0400 7/31/98, "Rick Flower" <Rick.Flower at trw_com> wrote:
>Subject: Re: CO2 Manifold...


>Personally I would NOT put anything under pressure through PVC!  I've
>heard about people using PVC for distributing compressed air through their
>garage and at some point, the PVC explodes!  PVC isn't meant for high
>pressure like that..  Just my own $0.02 worth of advice for the day..

The proper way to do this is to put the manifold downstream of the
regulator. Thus the manifold only needs to be able to sustain the maximum
pressure output from the regulator (hoping the regulator does not fail),
and the system can be implemented with just one regulator. Each tank will
need its own needle valve. You are not talking about a lot of gasflow per
tank, and there is no need to use anything as big as 1/2 PVC pipe. Home
Depot sells several diameters of clear vinyl tubing, including the same
stuff that is sold at aquarium stores for much less.