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Feral Crypt. wendtii

> Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 08:38:57 EDT
> From: Phylesis at aol_com
> In a message dated 7/25/98 4:10:21 AM, you wrote:
> >There's a county in central Florida which has a naturalized (feral)
> population
> >of Cryptocoryne wendtii.  Maybe some enterprising soul should go in there
> >and harvest the stuff to sell us?
> Any details on which county and or lakes these might be in?

I tried to find the map again, but it doesn't seem to be online any more.
It was at the U of Florida web site about aquatic plants, and/or the USGS
site about introduced species of plant and animal.  You can follow links
to get to these and similar places starting with http://nas.nfrcg.gov.
Let us know what you find out.

Btw, is there a term for domesticated plants gone wild, like there is for
domestic animals gone wild, or is 'feral' used for both?