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Reply- Lighting

Karen Randell wrote:

"I don't think there are any 3 bulb fixtures, you'd probably have to make your own.  OTOH, shop lights are cheap, and two 2 bulb shop lights fit fine on top of a 55G, and will give you plenty of light."

Shop lights are cheap and may well be too cheap.  Be careful what you buy.  There are high high quality shop lights .  But, expensive experience has taught me that cheap fixtures, cheap ballasts actually, will drive cheap bulbs only.  Want to drive $30 wide spectrum bulbs?  Don't try it with a $10 fixture suitable for your garage.  If you're not sure which is which, call your local electrician.
A good rule of thumb might be this:  "Never try to drive a florescent bulb with a fixture that costs less than the bulb costs."
Most any shop light will drive a $2 cool white bulb, but if you want your wide spectrum bulb to last its rated life, get a decent fixture with a heavy ballast.  With a more expensive ballast you will, in a matter of weeks, offset the cost of shortened life span bulbs.

ed b-k