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Planted Aquarium Photography

Bob Fenner wrote:

>Many stock aquarium photography types use lower ASAs (50, 64, 100). If
>you're hooked on Fuji, their Provia is a better approx. 5,500K balanced film.
>You may want to try a roll or two of their Velvia (man, that makes me hungry
>for a cheese sammie), though it is more "color rich" than reality, and over
>emphasizes both warm and cool spectra.

I like Fugi's Provia very much too.  As Bob mentioned ASA 100 films and
lower are usually better because they're not as grainy.  If you're using
Kodak films, Ektachrome tends toward the green, while Kodachrome is better
at reds and blues.  The big problem with Kodachrome is that it has to be
developed by Kodak, so if you need a fast turn around on your photos, don't
use it.

If you need to shoot with faster film, there is one that is absolutely
astounding in quality, although it is print film rather than slides.  It is
Fugi's new 800 Super G Plus.  This  film is remarkable not only for it's
lack of grain in a high speed film, but also for it's excellent color.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association