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Re: Photographing tanks

Roxanne wrote:
> I have been trying with little success to photograph my aquaria.  One of
> the problems is that the pictures come out too yellow-green.  I've been
> using Fuji ASA 400 or 200 film.
> Is there a choice that's better for color balance of aquaria?  I use the
> existing lighting:  3 Corallife Trichromatics plus 1 "pink" light=Corallife
> Spectramax.  
> Thanks,
> Roxanne Bittman

The problem is that daylight film and fluorescent lighting don't mix.
Even lighting that looks well balanced to your eyes may contain sharp
peaks at certain wavelengths.  Since the film does not pick up a
continuous spectrum but rather a layering of approximately
monochromatic images, what you see is not what you get.

One solution is to get a special filter that attempts to correct for
this effect.  I picked one of these up (I think it was labeled FL-Day)
and got quite tolerable results.  For reference, I am using 2 Triton,
1 Vita-Lite, and 1 GE Kitchen+Bath.  YMMV.

David Ozenne
Berkeley, CA