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Re: photo colors

A couple days ago, Roxanne Bittman (I think) wrote:

> <<
>  I have been trying with little success to photograph my aquaria.  One of
>  the problems is that the pictures come out too yellow-green.  I've been
>  using Fuji ASA 400 or 200 film.
>  Is there a choice that's better for color balance of aquaria?  I use the
>  existing lighting:  3 Corallife Trichromatics plus 1 "pink" light=Corallife
>  Spectramax.
>  Thanks,
>   >>

I took a series of photos last winter and had them developed and printed
through a bulk-processing service.  They came out *very* green.  Then I
took the developed negatives to a "good" photo shop and had them reprint
a few of them.  They came out looking pretty much like my aquarium.

If you've been using a cheap bulk film processor, then maybe you would
cure this problem the same way.

Roger Miller