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RO/DI system for sale

Hi all,

I hope this is not an offense on the list, but I have a SpectraPure 80
system w/a drinking water kit (3 gal) that I just had taken out and am
willing to sell.  I paid $550 for it new and it was installed 4/13/98,
so its only been used for 3 months.  My main reason in getting rid of it
is the water pressure in our house is not great enough to get a decent
flow and the waste water is more than I can take.  I was told I could
buy a booster pump, but didn't want to spend anymore money on it. 
Orginally I was going to do saltwater is why I got it.  I have all the
parts and instructions, but I did have a plumber install and take it
out, so I can't answer much about the installation of it, although the
company was very helpful to talk to.

I would like to get $150 for it and will mail it out, however I must say
it is very heavy and postage would have to be paid by the buyer.  If
someone in the Ohio area would want it, we could meet somewhere or you
could come to my house to pick it up.  I live near Columbus.

Please contact me off the list at the address below if interested.
mailto:apples at midohio_net
ICQ # 9473419
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