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Fish and Flourite

Hi All,

Thanks James for the info on Praecox rainbows. Would you by any chance have
some younguns' to sell? I'm definately interested in getting some but we're
going on holidays for the last week in July and I don't want to buy more
than one automatic feeder. The rainbows will be going into the newly set up
20 gal. high tank along with one of my two SAE's. I bought both SAE's about
a month ago and they both are lively and eat well' but one has grown very
quickly (about an inch longer) and the other one has grown much slower and
is thinner. It doesn't have a shrunken belly or anything so I'm not
suspecting fish TB. but the bigger one is a piggy fish and shoos the little
one away fom incoming food. It appears to still get lots to eat and I'm
wondering if the size difference could be to do with gender. By the way the
Flourite gravel is great! I was thinking of playing with various substates
ala Steve's method but then thought "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" for
my 29 gal. I do add Jobes fern spikes in various places and that's caused
no algae trouble at all. Whatever algae does collect on the glass is the
green fuzz type and I don't let it collect. Every evening I quickly rub the
glass surfaces with a white teflon scraper and then replace 4 gal. of water
and then add 1/8 tsp. of Seachem Flourish to the 29 gal. I have a water
filtration system that is a two-stage type, not reverse osmosis. No water
conditioners are needed. I went to Picov's in Ajax yesterday and had a
great time! I bought a Marble swordplant that was large and had six good
sized babies hanging off of it for a mere $14.99. I also got
Parrotsfeather, Ludwidgia arcuata and Azolla. The best buy was their
aquatic plant soil. For $5.99 I bought a 20lb. bag of "fine river silt and
clay that won't cloud your water or encourage algae growth" I tested it for
iron content and it scored off the chart. Beats kitty litter. I agree with
Karen Randall about not covering the aquarium bottom completely with soil,
so took her advice and planted the swords only in cut down pond pots (to
3"). The pots were filled with the aquatic soil and then covered with the
flourite gravel. I put two potted swords in my 20gal. and put two unpotted
ones in my 29gal. to see which does better. I'll keep you posted on the
outcome if you're interested.

Susan Romano