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hi all ... its me mike again .. i have a few questions on some plants
that i have recently bought .. aponogeton (lace) echinodorus ociris
aponogeton longiplomulus (check the spelling) ..

questions :
1. the guy i bought these from said this variety of lace only grows to
about 8 inches .. is this so .. is there such a variety ??

2. he also said that these 3 plants cannot be together in one tank ..
if not so .. is there a special way that these plants should be arranged
example echino should be at least 3 inches from the apon .. ??
please comment ..

3. please also for the ppl who have experience with such plants ..
any comment or suggestion on how to keep them happy would be helpful..
PLEASE PLEASE .. these plants cost me a lot of money i just dont want
they to melt and you know !!

Thanks a lot all in advance

MIKE :o)
its cooler here in manila now .. my tank is happily at 28 degs
thanks to the new fan ..