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CO2 reactor

RB, how tall is you tank?  I use a similar device made by some one else,
it a glass bulb with a cermic top that allows the CO2 through.  I do see
real fine bubbles that goes all the way up to the surface.  A nice feature
of using this type of reactor is that if you pull some water into the
glass, you get a bubble counter built into the unit.  I've also noticed
that at night the CO2 comes out much slower.  I don't see much of a pH
swing?  Is it possible that it's also controling the amount of CO2 in the
water?  I hav'nt gotten my Dupla CO2 monitering test yet, hope that comes
in soon.  BTW the tubing must come in different colors, because I got some
clear CO2 line when I bought mine, I know the NA ones come with black

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