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Re: Algae: Friend or Foe?

Hi there!

>of their way to "eliminate" algae isn't paying attention. Almost all
photos I've 
>seen of natural plant ecosystems seem to have two characteristics that are
>found in a typical plant tank - mostly a single species of plant 

>AND lot's of algae. 
Well... I havent seen ANY ! Show your pics and I'll show you mine! Even in
the Optimum Aquarium there are many pics of natural biosystems where you
CANNOT find ANY algae.

This is not a surprise then. Darwin stated something very right many
decades ago !!

>We use Dupla products and concepts to provide a nurturing environment for
>plants. This same environment is also good for higher forms of algae. 
Wrong. The Dupla system is made for controlling algae growth and your
ability is in adjusting precisely to your tank needs. That's why Dupla
system - even if it's expensive - does NOT guarantee ANYTHING.

>Trying to 
>carefully control the environment to allow plants to thrive but to prevent
>growth seems, to me at least, somewhat contradictive. 
I think Mother NAture does exactly the same. Plants won their battles
against algae BEFORE we even arrived on this planet.

>While the Dupla techniques do allow for algae, they also allow for algae
>via algae eaters.

>We still need to wipe the glass at water changes and deal with the
>"green spot algae", but I find that acceptable.
and so do I.
But I don't know if it's really acceptable... I still think this happens
cuz I don't have enough knowledge of algae and nutrients needs to control
my tank better. That's a big difference from your way of thinking.

>Amano, for another example, seems to use a combination of SAE, otocinclus
>his famous Marsh shrimp.
Yes, and Caridina Jap. are very effective.

>back. It just seems natural. Also, I'm sure there are smaller fauna in the
>that also live on tender young algae shoots and provide food for whatever
>food chain might exist. And many species of decorative fish require 
that's true for sure. You are right here!

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