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Re: CO2 reactor

Re: CO2 reactor
Re: CO2 reactor

Kin Tam wrote:
>RB, how tall is you tank? 

I think it's 18".  I have the "pollen glass" located about 3/4 the way down, stuck on the
glass using the suction cups provided.

 >A nice feature
of using this type of reactor is that if you pull some water into the
glass, you get a bubble counter built into the unit.

I noticed that; at first I was upset that I'd let water in, and then realized it had

>I've also noticed
that at night the CO2 comes out much slower.  I don't see much of a pH
swing?  Is it possible that it's also controling the amount of CO2 in the

This I have not noticed.  But, I am using bottled CO2 (compressed gas) and you may
be using yeast?  The pollen glass I have would have no way of controlling the amount
of CO2 in the water.  I don't use a controller.  I have it set so that the pH stays around
6.7 all the time, simply by controlling the rate of CO2 influx (which stays the same
day and night).

 >I hav'nt gotten my Dupla CO2 monitering test yet, hope that comes
in soon.  BTW the tubing must come in different colors, because I got some
clear CO2 line when I bought mine, I know the NA ones come with black

Wade S. emailed me to say that there is something called Tygon tubing (available
thru the Fisher Scientific Catalog) which does not leak as much CO2 as silicone
tubing and it comes in clear.

Are the Caradina Japanese shrimp available in the U.S either mail order or


Roxanne Bittman